About Me

Hi! I’m Danielle and…

I write Black Love.

This does not mean just the romantic kind.

In my writing I showcase the brotherhood and the sisterhood of my people, because so many tend to believe such things don’t exist.

I also celebrate fatherhood, motherhood, sibling love, family love, community love, friends loving friends, neighbors loving neighbors.

Why? Because contrary to popular belief we DO love one another.


I am a lover of words. Reading was my first love, but writing is the love of my life. I am a self taught graphic design artist, a newbie to the craft but learning more every day.

When not creating my crazy characters or designing, I enjoy crafting; crochet, cross-stitch, etc. and spending time with my rambunctious toddler. My goal in life is to eventually travel. Wanderlust is my middle name and I hate being in one place for too long.