Sample Sunday – “Bounce a quarter off that booty.”

Excerpt from He Said, She Said

Coming January 2017


glamorous portrait of African-American young sexy woman standing by the door

“Oh my Gawd.” I flopped back on my fluffy bed, wrapped in my fluffy robe and sighed. “I needed this trip.”

It was the evening after our first climb and we were lounging in the hotel room, coming down from that high. My body was so light and free, now I just needed a drink.

As if summoned by my thoughts, Bea took a seat next to me and handed me a wine glass filled with blue slush.

I sat up and eagerly accepted the alcoholic beverage, taking a healthy sip.

“Speaking of dick, have you gotten any?”

The liquid erupted from my mouth, all over my white robe. I looked over at her as she and the other girls laughed. “Oh ha ha, so funny. I’m gonna kick your ass, Bea.”

I stood, sat my drink on the night stand, and slipped out of robe so I was in my bra and panties.

Janine let out a long whistle. “Take it off, Mama! Lemme get me some dollars!”

I rolled my eyes at her while going to my suitcase to grab some clothes

Dion shook her head. “I am so jealous. I’m still trying to melt this baby fat after three years and you have abs after nine months? Hell, you had them after nine weeks.”

Bea laughed, adding to the conversation. “She on that Teyanna Taylor regime.”

Next came Janine’s rambunctious laughter. “You can bounce a quarter off that booty.”

That prompted Bea to add her another two cents. “She needs to give Joey some of that booty.”

I have them all the finger before pulling out a t-shirt and shorts. When I made it back to the bed to put them on, Janine threw a dollar at me.

“Shake it, Mama.”

My gaze narrowed at her, but I still smiled at her antics. The four of us went back to school yard days and even after my time away our bond was just as strong, if not stronger when I returned. My home girls were crazy but I loved them to pieces.

“Shake iiiiit.” Janine turned on some music on her phone – ‘Work’ by Rihanna, and I threw her a playful glare because she knew I could resist that song.

Finally I gave in and turned around and started twerking. This caused them to whoop and holler. After a minute I stopped and bent over laughing. “Y’all get on my nerves. Got me in here actin’ ratchet.”

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